The history

The history
 of AIDA
The history
 of AIDA
History - begin


The production of AIDA pasta from durum wheat began at the Orsk pasta factory. AIDA Fusilli (spirals), AIDA Penne rigate and AIDA Mezzi gomiti (elbows) were the first to be produced on modern Italian equipment Pavan from own-ground flour.

We keep up with the times and are modernizing our own mill complex, increasing its capacity to 120 tons per day.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our technologists, a completely new grinding scheme was developed, which significantly improved the quality of the flour produced.

We are developing

History - we are developing
History - we are changing

We are changing

Now it's even more convenient to open and store your favorite pasta!

AIDA appeared before consumers in a new craft packaging. It has not only become even more attractive, but also more convenient thanks to the sticker for multiple openings.

We have new items! Lasagna, tagliatelli and capellini nests are now in the portfolio of the AIDA brand. Especially for this, we have installed modern Italian Storci equipment.

We are not standing still

History - we are not standing still
History - we continue to grow

We continue to grow

AIDA appears in online stores - now you can buy your favorite pasta without leaving home.

We are getting closer and closer to the consumer, who pays special attention to his diet.

In 2021, we are releasing AIDA Integrale line – whole grain pasta, which is characterized by an increased protein content – 15 g per 100 g of product (average value). Such pasta will enrich the vegetarian and lean menu, the diet of supporters of a healthy lifestyle, athletes, as well as children.

We are getting closer

History - we are getting closer
History - we are winning

We are winning

For the impeccable quality of products, AIDA pasta was awarded a gold medal and awarded with ROSSTANDART diplomas at the All-Russian Agro-industrial exhibition  "Golden Autumn".
Today we continue to develop our high-tech production and delight you with the consistent quality and excellent taste of AIDA pasta. And every day we collect new recipes, ideas and tips from chefs for you.
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