"Se vuoi vivere per sempre,
mangia pasta e bevi vino"

«If you want to live
eat pasta and drink wine»

So they say in Italy, where pasta has long been a popular and favorite dish. It was in Italy that she gained real fame and became a masterpiece of world cooking. There are a lot of pasta recipes — choose according to taste and for the occasion. And we share some secrets that will help make any pasta really delicious. With AIDA paste, the result is guaranteed and always predictable.
  • For an ideal paste, it is important to observe the proportions of water, paste and salt. 1000:100:10 is considered the best: 100 g of paste and 10 g of salt per 1000 ml of water.
  • Dip the paste into salted boiling water.
  • Stir the paste every two minutes.
  • Italian chefs advise draining the water directly from the pan, leaving a little water in it, without shifting the pasta into a colander. Add one tablespoon of olive oil or cream to the pasta, and you will get an unusually delicate taste.
  • The main secret in the preparation of Italian pasta is the state of al dente (that is, "by the tooth"). How to define it? If the edges have become darker and the center has remained lighter, then the product is ready. Pasta al dente is considered more useful, because with this method of cooking, its important properties are better preserved.
  • When choosing a sauce for pasta, it is important to remember that for meat and tomato sauces, pasta with a flat and rough surface that literally holds every drop of sauce (for example, tagliatelli) is best suited. But creamy and light sauces based on herbs are perfectly combined with a thin long pasta (capellini).