Mezzi gomiti

Mezzi gomiti

Mezzi gomiti (elbows) is a type of short pasta, the name translates from Italian as "little elbows", in Russia they are most often called "horns". Elbows are one of the most common types of pasta, familiar to everyone since childhood. They are perfect as a side dish for meat dishes, seafood, and are also used for preparing salads and baked dishes.

Constituents: durum wheat flour (grits) for premium pasta, drinking water

  • Source of protein 13 г
  • Darum wheat 100%

Try our recipe to appreciate the taste of AIDA Mezzi gomiti

Pasta with bacon and mushrooms

Pasta with bacon and mushrooms

  • medium
  • servings
  • 40 min
Mezzi gomiti


Nutritional value per 100 g of product:


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